Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Galatians 6 – Observation Questions

As you read and study Galatians 6, consider these questions.

What’s the biggest thing that you’ve ever caught?

What’s the biggest thing that’s ever caught you?

What’s the biggest thing that you’ve ever set free?

How, when, and why might a Christian become caught in a trespass?

What does it mean to be “spiritual?”

How effective are we at restoring those who are caught in a trespass? Discuss.

Rather than acting to restore such a one, what do people sometimes do instead?

What responses might be easy or common when we see a brother caught in sin? Why?

In order to bear one another’s burdens, we must …

What kinds of burdens can / must we help each other bear?

Why do we sometimes fail to bear one another’s burdens?

Are we commanded to examine and evaluate our own individual work?

How might we go about that?

Why is self-examination so important … difficult … valuable?

Why is it so tempting to critique another person’s work instead of our own?

In what sense must each person bear his or her own load?

What does the Scripture teach about individual responsibility?

What are some “good things” that the person being taught is to share with the teacher?

Discuss the law of sowing and reaping. Give examples.

What does one reap from the flesh? What does one reap from the Spirit?

What three seeds could you plant today that would bring the greatest harvest eternally?

Why do Christians sometimes lose heart or grow weary in doing good?

Why should we do good to all people, even the lost?

Why should we do good especially to the household of the faith?

What does it mean that we boast in the cross of Christ?

In what sense are we crucified to the world, and the world to us?

What is the “Israel of God?” Is that the church?

What kind of “brand-marks” for Christ could be seen on Paul’s body?

What sorts of “brand-marks” today might prove that we are genuine disciples of Jesus Christ?

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