Friday, October 14, 2016

How I Will Vote and Why

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First let me state a couple of disclaimers. For one, I am presenting here my own personal views, which do not necessarily represent any particular group, church, or party. For another, I respect the right and responsibility of each individual to vote as he or she chooses. However, I have been asked what I will do in this election, and I feel responsible to do so.

I am repulsed and disgusted by both candidates at the “top” of their respective major tickets. I cannot support the morality or character of either one. I cannot put a sign in my yard or a bumper sticker on my car. I believe that the fear of God, morality, honesty, respect, integrity, humility, and transparency are indispensable qualities which our leaders must possess. These essential traits are noticeably absent. Our political process has degraded so far in this “race to the gutter” that it makes me weep for our great nation.

Beyond my shock over these two candidates is an even greater sorrow. I am stunned by our people! I am utterly amazed that the citizens of America have produced, supported, and promoted these individuals. Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump are not the primary problem; they are the product of the primary problem. They are the symptoms, not the illness. Our fellow Americans have rejected biblical values and honorable candidates. The majority has rejected more than a few candidates who were honorable, moral, and reputable. Instead, character and conduct no longer seem to matter to tens of millions. We as a people are getting what we deserve, what we have chosen.

Arrogance. Narcissism. Profanity. Lewd, lustful language. Degrading comments against women and minorities. Racism. Deception. Late-night, self-centered “tweets.” Some tax returns not made public. CEO-type, celebrity-type pronouncements. Absolutely awful. Then there is alleged criminal behavior. An illegal private email server. Deleted classified emails. Possible major health challenges. The wife of a past President, whose immoral behavior disgraced the office and the nation … the same wife who allegedly went out to silence and shame her husband’s victims … the same woman now innocently taking up for such women as her opponent is accused of similar behavior. Again, absolutely awful. A news media machine out of control, with not even a pretense of objectivity or fairness. It’s all just wrong. 

Who could ever try to justify any of it? The argument seems to be, “Vote for me, because my opponent is even worse than I am!” Whichever candidate can make the other look the worst stands to win.

Here’s another thing. Are these two major parties unable to produce honorable, high-character, law-abiding candidates? Can they not vet prospects and eliminate those with alleged criminal records, poor political performance, and questionable morality?

So will I vote? I certainly will! For whom?

Can I find any other criteria for voting, since so much of this is so disgusting? Some will choose either not to vote or to vote for a third option. I respect each choice.

Here is what I will do.

Since I cannot conscientiously support the “top” of either ticket, I have decided to vote for the vice-presidential candidate who would advise the President and step in if necessary. This is an easy choice for me, when I consider Mr. Pence with his faith and values. Mr. Pence is vocal in expressing his faith, in supporting unborn human life, and in upholding marriage and gender as God designed them. In the VP debate he called himself a Christian, named Jesus Christ, and quoted the Bible directly.

Since I cannot vote for the person, I will vote for the platform. When I compare the two parties’ platforms, as I did via the link below, my choice becomes clear. The topics that are compared include Human Life, Planned Parenthood, Judges, Religious Liberty, Education / School Choice, Sex Education, Obamacare, Marriage, Biomedical Research, and Iran. Take a look for yourself. Please.

Does the platform comparison help you? It helped me. It seems to me that the one choice is a far better platform, a conservative one, with a candidate who will hopefully uphold it and a party that will hopefully stick with it. I realize that the candidate and / or the party may not follow through to the extent that I would wish, but the other platform is not an option for me. It is far worse, based on a clearly liberal agenda, with a candidate that I am convinced will take the country farther down that path.

I will vote for a Constitution-based Supreme Court. The next President will appoint new Justices who will be on the bench for decades to come. An activist Court will mean a further departure from biblical truth. Such a Court has already assumed absolute power by redefining marriage in defiance of God’s created order. Then the Attorney General tried to take over the nation’s restrooms, insisting that biological males had the right to enter female facilities. Let’s wake up! It’s later than many of us may realize! When the time comes that Constitution-based Justices are outnumbered, the Court will have absolute power to redefine every aspect of morality in the name of “choice,” “political correctness,” etc.

I will vote for religious freedom and freedom of speech. Both have been eroding in the past seven years and are now hanging by a thread.

I will vote for the right of preachers, religious leaders, and churches to declare God’s truth no matter how “political” it may seem. No church should be threatened with the loss of its tax-exempt status as a result of its boldness in political matters. I will vote for the “Johnson Amendment” to be repealed, with its attempt to silence churches.

I will vote for the right to define sin as the Bible does (regarding homosexual conduct, for example). I will vote for the right to practice the Christian religion without fear of recrimination. I will vote against the further growth of atheism, secular humanism, and Darwinian evolutionary belief.

I will vote for male-female marriage and the family as God intended it to be. The home is the primary building block of a stable society. To me it is beyond doubt that our culture is suffering as a direct consequence of deliberate attacks against the traditional family.

I will vote for the protection of unborn human life. Mrs. Clinton has said publicly that the unborn person has no constitutional rights. (How can she call it a “person” and deny it the right to life, which our Constitution guarantees?)

I will vote against the funding of Planned Parenthood, whose destruction of human life is unspeakable.

I will vote for parents and local leaders, not a federal bureaucracy, to oversee our children’s education.

I will vote for individual freedom and responsibility.

I will vote against socialism. I do not believe that U.S. taxpayers can finance “free” services that we cannot afford, such as college education for all. In the past two terms socialist programs have expanded, and our nation is on the brink of financial disaster. We simply cannot keep spending money that we do not have.

I will vote for truly “affordable” health care. The “Affordable Care Act” is exactly the opposite for many Americans. Remember the President’s oft-repeated promises? “You can keep your plan and keep your doctor. The typical family will save $2500 per year.” It turned out that none of that was true. Many of us have seen our premiums climb 40% or more, with our deductibles and copays increased significantly. My own health plan will not be available in 2017, because the company – one of many – cannot afford the “Affordable” Care Act. I do not believe that citizens should be guaranteed health insurance as a “right,” any more than life insurance or burial insurance. I do not believe that young, healthy people should be forced to buy insurance or else be penalized by the federal government. There has to be a better way! Even Bill Clinton called the ACA "crazy."

I will vote for the poor. I love the poor! We as a nation must do better to care for our poor. After the past seven years, the poor are worse off than they were before. I will vote for whatever may help the poor to reverse the poverty cycle, increase independence and self-reliance, and enjoy greater economic prosperity. Perhaps lower taxes could enable businesses to create more jobs and employ those who are currently out of work. That could help the poor, stimulate the economy, and benefit all who are involved. According to the 2012 Census information cited below, 35.4% of all the people in this country were receiving federal welfare benefits, as of the fourth quarter of that year. This information is taken from the following sources:

I will vote against increasing debt. During the last seven years our nation’s debt has almost doubled, to a staggering $19 trillion. Yes, trillion. Either we will pay that debt, or our children will, or our nation’s economy will collapse.

I will vote for human rights in all the nations with whom we do business. We simply must not reward nations that mistreat their own people.

I will vote against ISIS, against terrorism, and against nations like Iran developing nuclear warheads. In the past two terms, we have greatly declined in these area.

I will vote against four more years of our current national leadership. In the recent past, under this administration, we have declined in many areas and have lost much of the respect we once enjoyed.

I will vote for American independence as a sovereign nation. I will vote against “open borders.” I will vote against “pay for play” and money to nations that sponsor terrorism.

I will vote against the mainstream, liberal media. I am sick of the media choosing a liberal candidate and throwing their collective weight behind that person. I am sick of so-called “journalists” unabashedly attacking and entrapping people that they don’t like, while giving their favored candidate a pass. There is something deep within me that does not want such people to get their way.

Once again, these are my thoughts.

May America bless God, and may God bless America!


Howard Gibbs said...

I wish I could fill up this space with ditto marks! Cory has put into words exactly what I believe. I pray our nation does not get judged very harshly for the recent bad choices of its citizens. This country is nothing like it was just a few generations ago. For the sake of this nation, I hope we elect the best possible president and other leaders. Thanks so much Cory for articulating this thoughtful position so well. Howard Gibbs

Cory Collins said...

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Tom Russell said...

Cory, thank you for pertinent and articulate article. It provides very clear principled direction, encouraging us to look beyond the flaws of the primary candidates and at the foundation and moral direction our nation needs to take and the individual and party more likely to get us there.

Sam Pulliam said...

Sam Pulliam
I should not be surprised by the clarity with which you have stated your position and with the fact that I completely agree with every word you have said. I try to remind myself every day that God is in charge and ask that His will be done. But the human in me always needs to get the last word in, yes even with God...just happens before I can stop it, and I add...."but please, God, don't let that evil agenda continue....please lead us back to you before it is too late", Thank you so much for your words, Cory.

Sam Pulliam said...

I am so pleased to have seen and read this offering from you. I couldn't agree more with your thoughts and feelings. I am horribly afraid for this once great nation and pray that God will lead us back to Him and to His ways. Thank you so much for the effort and love you put into sharing this with others. Sam Pulliam

Rhonda Cole said...

Thank you Cory for "words fitly spoken" (Proverbs 25:11).
Rhonda Cole

Alan Highers said...

Very well spoken. I will add these thoughts. Americans had better look carefully at the vice-presidential choices. These are the oldest first-term presidential candidates in history; Trump is 70, Clinton is 69. Further, Clinton's health is a very real concern. And finally, should Clinton be indicted, she would have to step aside. Hardly anyone wants Tim Kaine for president. He is not a popular choice. Mike Pence, on the other hand, has made a favorable impression on the American people. If one of these men should become president, we would do better with Pence. For the first time in memory, the qualifications of the running mates has taken on vital importance!

Sandra and Garry Caffey said...

Cory, I congratulate you on a very detailed and accurate 'writing'. Sandra and I have been in Colorado this week and most all people that we visited with have the same feeling about the two presidential candidates' poor life-style that you and we do. However, the conservative vice-presidential candidate is definitely the Christian choice.
Before going to Colorado, I had prepared a one-page "Platform Topics" sheet which lists all the liberal candidate's platform items versus the conservative platform items of the party for which we support. I will attach that list, or e-mail it to you; which you will find is very much in agreement with your 'writing'. Most folks of which we visited had no idea what "Platform Topics" are, nor what either candidate stands for, nor did they care. So, for this election, we must all vote for the Christian 'Platform Topics' and not for a candidate!
Sandra and I watched a Catholic priest (on TV) who delivered to his congregation a very strong message pointing out that their Soul would be in jeopardy with God if they supported the killing of unborn babies by abortion. But, he didn't mention a party nor candidate by name. We also heard similar messages from a pulpit Minister in Memorial church of Christ in Houston recently; and Littleton church of Christ Minister in Colorado this week. I think that your above worded 'writing' can be delivered from our pulpit (with no mention of party nor candidate), and still not offend the 'Johnson Amendment'. May God Bless our Country and May America Bless God. Sandra & Garry Caffey

Judy said...

I voted early yesterday and the way I voted was on the exact basis that you expressed so very fluently. Thank you!

Joseph Chase WorshipLeading said...

Corry, this is the kindest, most thought-provoking article I've read from preachers on this terrible election season. God bless you for your sweetness and your stand for the truth.

David Bryan said...

I concur with Cory Collins' enumerated reasons for voting for Trump/Pence. For any Christian, and for any person who, like Franklin Graham, believes that God has answered millions of prayers and is giving America one more chance, voting for Trump/Pence is a no-brainer. Do we want to remain in a quagmire, a swamp, of corruption, lies, duplicity, immorality, and crime? Or do we want to right the Ship of State and set it on a more moral and principled course, stronger, more stable, more truthful, and more secure?