Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Are We Home Yet?

In my Father’s house are many rooms … John 14:2

It has often been said that life is a journey, not just a destination, and that getting there is half the fun.  We have been told to slow down, stop and smell the roses.  All that may be true, but many of us can remember those long childhood family car trips we took with our parents.  That pesky little brother would repeatedly whine from the back seat, “How much farther is it?  Are we almost there?”  How irritating!  I recall it well, because I was that pesky little brother.

Fast forward to the present.  On December 28, 2011, we left our 12-year home in Florence, Alabama, and headed for Keller, Texas, with nothing but the stuff we could fit in our cars.  We brought no furniture, lawn mowers, tool boxes, or major appliances.  Yes, we took the coffee maker.  You know us better than to ask that!  There was an unexpected sense of relief and peace as we left behind most of what we own.  At least for a while, we no longer had to carry it, clean it, protect it, maintain it, or repair it.

We moved into a 750-square-foot apartment that we sublet from a young lady who was stuck in a lease.  We could have it until May, and it was furnished!  She put out towels and scented candles for us.  She even left her dishes and her vacuum cleaner for us to use.  There was something so carefree about staying there.  We could focus on the church ministry we had come to do, then come in at any hour and take it easy.  We felt no stress, no hassle, and no pressure.  Well, almost.  We did have to buy a washer and a dryer, but at least they were clean and lint-free!

Then another change came.  Our landlady needed her place back!  The Collinses were about to be homeless once more!  We began checking out options, including extended-stay places and houses for rent.  Our best choice, however, was to lease another apartment, which was much bigger.  (It has six additional square feet.)  We again loaded our cars and made the change.  It was so easy!  Now we had access to an onsite swimming pool, pool table, fitness center, and more.

Next thing we knew friends from church moved and connected our washer and dryer.  They brought us a dining table and four chairs, a complete bedroom suite, and a sofa, loveseat, and chair for the living room.  We have a roof over our heads and a clean, comfortable place with all the room and features we need.

Are we home yet?  Maybe not, but we are at peace.  We’ll have more options when our house in Alabama sells, but we’re content right where we are.  Like the old song says, “Anywhere is home, if Christ my Lord is there.”  Tanya and I feel less attached to stuff, more liberated to enjoy life, and more flexible with changing circumstances.  We also realize, more than we ever have before, that our real home is not on earth anyway.  Our citizenship is in heaven.

We just want to be ready when that moving day comes.  “Amen.  Come, Lord Jesus.”

Cory Collins


Bonnie said...

Always enjoy your articles. Bonnie

Cory Collins said...

Thank you for reading! God bless.