Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Only People Going to Heaven?

Sometimes, when one says, “I belong to the churches of Christ,” another person will react: “So, you’re the folks who think you’re the only ones going to heaven, right?” What’s the best way to respond to this comment? Here are several suggestions.
Response One
“I’m glad you asked! How would you answer that question? Who do you think will be in heaven?”
After the other person answers …
“Tell me why you answered that way. How did you come to that conclusion? Would you like to see what the Bible says about it?”
Response Two
“I’m glad you asked! Well, one thing is for sure. God knows exactly who will be in heaven, wouldn’t you agree? The Bible says, “The Lord knows those who are His” (2 Tim 2:19). It really does not matter in the long run what you or I say about it. The fact is, most religious people believe that the way they are following is the best. Otherwise they would change. So doesn’t it seem right and safe to say, “It’s the Lord who knows who’s going to heaven?”
Assuming that the other person agrees …
“Since God is the one who knows, how would we learn from Him? Do you believe that the Bible is God’s Word, and that only the Bible tells us how to follow Jesus and get to heaven? There’s not any other sure way to know, is there? We cannot take anyone else’s word on it, whether a preacher, priest, specific religious group, or anyone else, can we? Would you agree?”
Assuming that the other person agrees …
“If the Bible were to contradict clearly some religious belief, tradition, or practice, wouldn’t the Bible be right? Obviously these differing religious groups cannot all be right. Does it make sense to you that we should follow the Bible and give up any teachings or ideas that the Bible does not teach?”
Assuming that the other person agrees …
“Would you like to study the Bible with me and compare it with your thoughts and beliefs? You can ask anything you like, and together we will seek God’s answers. I won’t ask you to believe anything just because I believe it, but you and I can both ask each other to believe and do what we clearly see in the Bible. What do you say?”
Response Three
“There is a lot of confusion today about who’s going to heaven. I’m glad you want to make sure that you yourself will be there. Let me ask you something. If you died tonight, are you sure – nothing doubting – that you would go to live with God? If yes, would you tell me what makes you so sure? If no, would you like to learn about the instructions that God has given in the Bible?”
Cory Collins


Anonymous said...

Cory... I wish all could attend, your current, Wednesday night Bible class regarding Evangelism! The question: "Do You think you are the only people going to heaven" is a question we must all be ready to answer, in leading family and friends unto Christ. Evangelism really isn't evangelism until we say something and share it with others. Your post on this subject is excellent. Hope all read, and will then share with Brothers, Sisters, Friends, and Neighbors!

Michael Grooms said...

Well said! With these tools in hand (mind), one who is asked that question can lead the inquirer to a study of scriptures, rather than engaging in useless arguments or shutting a door of opportunity.