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Life in the Desert - Deut 1-5: Review: God and His People

Deuteronomy, which means “second law,” is a retelling by Moses of the teachings and events of Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers. It includes an extended review of the Ten Commandments (4:44–5:33) and Moses’ farewell address to a new generation of Israelites as they stand ready to take possession of the Promised Land. Moses reminds them of God’s faithfulness and love, but also of God’s wrath on the previous generation of Israelites because of their rebellion. Repeatedly he charges Israel to keep the Law. Deuteronomy is a solemn call to love and obey the one true God. There are blessings for faithfulness and curses for unfaithfulness. The book closes with the selection of Joshua as Israel’s new leader and the death of Moses.
These are lesson notes, not written in a polished or finished manuscript form.  
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Deuteronomy: Value
Systematic: grace, faith, law, loyalty, results.
Recalling the past to chart the future.
Observation, Interpretation, Application.
One choice as comprehending all choices.
Key to the Rest of OT. Kings, idols, exile, return.
Jesus’ most-quoted OT book. Temptations, etc.
The Shema: Hear, O Israel. Greatest command.
Deuteronomy: Facts
Name = “second law,” repeated for 2nd gener’n.
Author: Moses (Josh 1:7; Jud 3:4; Matt 19:7–9; Jn 5:45–47), now 120 years old.
Place: plains of Moab due east of Jericho and the Jordan River. Time frame: about one month.
At the end of the forty-year period of wandering in the wilderness, c. 1405 BC.
Deuteronomy // Ancient Hittite Treaties
Preamble                     Deut 1:1-5
Historical Prologue        Deut 1:6-4:43
General Stipulations       Deut 4:44-11:32
Specific Stipulations       Deut 12:1-26:19
Blessings and Curses     Deut 27:1-28:68
Document Clause Deut 31:9-29
Witnesses                    Deut 32:1-47
God’s Wilderness Survival Guide
Dt 4:9 “Only give heed to yourself and keep your soul diligently, so that you do not forget the things which your eyes have seen and they do not depart from your heart all the days of your life; but make them known to your sons and your grandsons.”
Listen, Remember, Obey, and Teach
Moses’ Three-Part Sermon Series
1:1-4:43              REVIEW
“What God Has Done for Israel”
4:44-26:19          REQUIREMENTS
“What God Expects from Israel”
27:1-34:12          REWARD
“What God Will Do for Israel”
Deuteronomy: Highlights
2-3 Defeat of Sihon and Og; historical solidarity.
5 Ten Commandments (as in Ex 20, 40 yrs ago).
6:4-9 Shema (Hear); Teach your children.
7 A Chosen People
9 Not Because of Your Righteousness
13 False Teachers
Deuteronomy: Highlights
27-28 Curses and Blessings
29-30 Covenant Renewed; Choose Life!
31 Joshua Commissioned
32 Moses’ Song
33 Moses’ Blessing
34 Moses’ Death
Dangers in Deuteronomy
The Danger of Abundance
The Danger of Complacency
The Danger of Paganism
The Danger of Tolerance
The Danger of Contamination
Deut 1 - Sinai, Kadesh-Barnea
1:1-5 Prologue: Speaker - Moses; Hearers - 2nd-gen Israel; Place - Moab desert; Time - 40th year
1:6-8 Command: Leave Horeb (Mt. Sinai)
1:9-18 Organization: Appoint, Structure Leaders
Deut 1 - Sinai, Kadesh-Barnea
1:19 Arrival in Kadesh-Barnea
1:20-25 Commission: Sending the Spies
1:26-33 Rebellion: Refusing to Enter Land
Don’t forget past, question present, fear future.
1:34-40 Consequences: Generation to Perish
1:41-46 Presumption: Failed Attempt, Defeat
Deut 2 - Edom, Moab, Ammon, Sihon
2:1-8 Seir (Edom)
2:9-16 Moab
2:17-30 Ammon
2:26-37 Amorite King Sihon of Heshbon
Deut 3 - Og, Land, Moses’ Penalty
3:1-11 Amorite King Og of Bashan
Transjordanian Land Just Conquered
3:12-17 Allotted to Reuben, Gad, Manasseh
3:18-22 Requiring War Efforts Beyond Jordan
3:23-29 Moses Allowed to See, not Enter, Land
Deut 4a - Obedience Versus Idolatry
4:1-4 Obey b/c: You will live.
4:5-8 Obey b/c: You will be great and wise.
4:9-14 Obey b/c: Horeb (Mt. Sinai) - PAST.
4:15-24 Obey b/c: God’s Ownership - PRESENT.
4:25-31 Obey b/c: Keeping the Land - FUTURE.
4:32-40 Obey b/c: God’s Unique Character.
Deut 4b - Cities of Refuge, Intro to Law
4:41-43 Cities of Refuge
4:44-49 Introduction to the Law
Deut 5 - Cities of Refuge, Intro to Law
5:1-21 The LORD’s Ten Commandments
5:22-27 The People’s Response
5:28-33 The LORD’s Affirmation
Desire that they obey, live well thru generations.
Intention to give the full Law through Moses.
Exhortation: “Turn neither right nor left.”

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