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10 Life in the Desert – Deut 6-11 – Requirements – What God Expects of His People

Long ago God had promised Abraham that he would become the father of a great nation (Gn. 12:1–3). That nation would eventually dwell in a rich land ‘flowing with milk and honey’ (Ex. 3:17). The nation grew while in Egyptian slavery until being miraculously delivered by God (Ex. 14). He then met them at Mt Sinai and formally made a ‘covenant’ with them, which included various laws that they were to keep (Ex. 19–24). The next step was to march into the land, but they failed to do this straight away because they were overawed by the obstacles in the way. Because of their lack of faith, therefore, the Lord decided that the next generation should enter the promised land. In the meantime, they were condemned to forty years of living unsettled in the wilderness (Num 13–14; see especially Num 14:20–35).
Now the time of fulfillment is at hand. At the beginning of Deuteronomy, Moses, who himself will not enter the land, addresses the new generation. He reminds them of all the events that have brought them to this point, and prepares them to be faithful to their covenant with the Lord when they cross the River Jordan and receive the ‘inheritance’ which he has given them. New Bible Commentary
These are lesson notes, not written in a polished or finished manuscript form.  
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Deut 6 – The Great Commandment
6:1-3 Intro: Obedience and its Rewards
Ends 5:22-33. Intros sermon on 1st command.
6:4-9 The Great Shema: “Hear, O Israel!”
The nature of God. Israel’s incumbent response.
Tefillin (“phylactaries”): Scripture boxes strapped to forehead and arm. Mezuzot: Scripture boxes by the door, also to be placed on the gates.
Especially Ex 13:1-16; Deut 6:4-9; 11:13-21.
Matt 23:5 Broad phylacteries to be seen by men.
6:10-15 Remember, Fear, and Serve Him Only.
6:13 - Jesus to Satan (Matt 4:10; Luke 4:10).
6:16-19 Do Not Test, but Keep His Commands.
6:16 - Jesus to Satan (Matt 4:7; Luke 4:12).
6:20-25 Explain to Your Children.
When your son asks, “Why?”
What we were – what God did – what God said – what we do.
Deut 7 – God’s Chosen, Holy People
7:1-5 Destroy the Mighty, Idolatrous Canaanites.
Completely. No mercy, covenant, or marriage.
Judgment for their wickedness and idolatry.
7:6-10 Because You are His, and He is Faithful.
Holy, chosen, treasured possession, loved.
7:11-16 Therefore, Obey and Be Blessed.
7:17-26 Do Not Fear Them. Remember Egypt.
As God defeated Pharaoh He will defeat them.
Detest, destroy all idols, or else be destroyed.
Deut 8 – Lessons from the Wilderness
8:1-5 Remember – God Led, Humbled, Tested, Preserved, Protected, and Disciplined You.
8:3 - Jesus to Satan (Matt 4:4; Luke 4:4).
8:6 Therefore Keep His Commands.
8:7-10 Because of All He is Giving You.
Eat, be full, and bless the LORD your God.
8:11-20 Never Forget, Boast, or Serve Idols.
Dangers of abundance, complacency, and pride.
If you forget and serve idols, you will perish.
Deut 9 – Self-Righteousness? No Way!
9:1-5 Not Your Merit, but Their Evil, God’s Oath.
9:6-24 Your Track Record: Consistent Rebellion.
From leaving Egypt until now. Even at Horeb.
The golden calf. Moses broke the tablets and lay prostrate 40 days to intercede and save Israel.
Taberah (Num 11), Massah (Ex 17) Kibroth-Hattaavah (Num 11). “From the day we met.”
9:25-29 Moses’ Intercession.
God: Your people, Your promise, Your reputation.
Deut 10 – New Tablets, New Hearts
10:1-5 New Tablets of Stone.
God’s positive response to Moses’ intercession.
10:6-9 Renewal of Priests’ and Levites’ Service.
Aaron died, but 40 years after the calf incident.
His son Eleazar, and the Levites, carried on.
10:10-11 Resumption of Journey.
10:12-22 New “Circumcised,” Obedient Hearts.
“Cut away” stubbornness and rebellion.
“What does the LORD require?” Cf. Mic 6:8.
Deut 11 – Exhortation: Love, Obey, Live
11:1-7 Consider God’s Discipline and Power.
Therefore – because He multiplied you (10:22).
Plagues, Red Sea, Dathan & Abiram, 40 yrs., etc.
11:26-32 Choose the Blessing, not the Curse.
Therefore – because He led and delivered you.
Be strong, go in, and conquer!
So that you may live long in it.
For God especially cares for its prosperity.
Read and discuss 11:18-32.

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