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I am Thankful for My Church Family Because …

Tanya and I are blessed to get to serve the Lord with the Keller church of Christ in the greater Dallas – Fort Worth area. Recently many of our brothers and sisters explained why they are thankful for this very special congregation. With their permission, their comments are posted here. They are generally grouped according to some of the themes in 1 Corinthians 16.

If you belong to a congregation like this one, you certainly feel the same way. If not, come visit us here!


Peggy Crawford

I am so thankful for the Keller church family because of the love they show the Lord and for each other.  When you walk in the door even as a first time visitor you can feel the love.

Nathan Goodnight

Based off your request, I wanted to send you a note to tell you why Becky and I are thankful for the church at Keller: young families. It feels so good to have others around us in similar chapters in life, new kids, etc.  Definitely one of the MANY reasons we’re so glad God led us to Keller!

Linda Gore

Your prayers have given Ben a chance to overcome this disease, and your many cards have shown him that church members support one another.  You have all been such an encouragement to me that mere words cannot convey my gratitude.  We do serve an awesome God!

Gail Jaynes

I have thought about this since Wed. and am still not sure I can say it in a few words but I will try.  I am thankful for the Keller church family because it is my spiritual home.  I have been here since Greg, my youngest child was an infant.  We have been through good and bad times sickness and health and too many things to mention but the constant has been our church family.  Even though many friends have come and gone through the church the spirit of God’s love and family has remained strong and consistant.  This point was never more evident than when Greg came with the group from the Rams for Christ ministry.  The church opened up the building, and provided more than I could imagine in hospitality.  He was so proud and showed the group the entire building after they arrived and explained how the church had grown and expaned.  He described it as his church home where he grew up.  He told Codi (his girlfriend) about all of the people who would come to meet her and what they meant to him.  It was a tell about a family.  We have been through a lot, and the Keller Church has been there with us through it all.  I am forever grateful that God saw fit to put us here.  I hope we can be that part of a family that will give to others what has been given to us.

Pam Joslen

Because when I moved here I had lived in the same place for 50 years. Then my world was turned upside down-I lost my mother and went thru a painful divorce all in one year. My brother insisted I move here close to his family. I felt like I was all alone without a church home, no friends, a very different environment from my rural, small town home. After several months and some really “different” worship places I was led to Keller church of Christ. From the first Sunday until now nearly three years later I have been welcomed, embraced and loved back to life. I have never felt so close to The Lord as in the Keller church. I thank God every day for my Keller family.

Amanda and Johnny Killough 

I miss the members when we’re gone. We both feel like we belong, even though we’re still getting to know people, we truly look forward to coming.

Susan Lusignan

Darrell and I are truly thankful for Keller Church of Christ because it feels like we are part of a church family.  We have friends of all ages and I hope anyone would feel like they could call on Darrell or myself if they needed anything.  We are blessed to be part of such a great congregation.  I was raised in the Church and have never felt like this about a congregation before.

Richard Lyons

… because it is an exciting place filled with brothers and sisters who want to be involved in spreading the good news.

… because of the love for one another that can be felt every time we get together.

… because of the encouragement I receive from being with brothers and sisters of like mindedness.

… because no one ever has to feel alone.

Sue Martin

The Keller Church of Christ has my back!! 

Sam Pulliam

When I came to Keller after about three of the most difficult and painful years of my life, my son encouraged me to get back to church.  Funny how your children sometimes take on the role of the parent.

The first Sunday morning I entered the auditorium, hearts reached out to me with Christian love and I was made comfortable.  I knew I could love this place, and I do.  Even though I am still having serious difficulties in my personal life, I know the people here care.  There is tremendous value in this kind of love being so available to one who needs it.  I am thankful.


Patty Harper

...they have taken me, a total stranger who came into their church to be baptized, into their hearts, minds and lives.  As I care for my elderly mother and recover from illness and injuries, my church family sends me heartfelt greetings and Scriptures each week to show me that though I haven’t been there, they haven’t forgotten me.  Their Christ-like attitude of genuine love and concern for me has brought me to my knees in humble gratitude.  Only God knows how much I appreciate them.

… because of our church-wide commitment to follow Jesus by “seeking and saving the lost” and by fulfilling Luke 4:18-19. We are so blessed!


“I am thankful for the Keller church family because...

...of the opportunity to worship and serve with a congregation that clearly loves the Lord and each other and is so adamantly committed to remaining faithful to God’s word; committed to not only learning it - but living it and sharing it with the community in which God has placed us.

I am also grateful to worship and serve with so many brothers and sisters who have been Christians for many years, some for longer than I’ve been alive. Their faith and wisdom and example are to be cherished. I look forward to the day when I will have a head full of white hair after having walked with the Lord for so many years.

I am thankful that whenever someone asks me ‘Where do you go to church?’ I can proudly answer ‘I worship with the Keller church of Christ,’ and invite them to join us.”



As recent visitors/new members, we have been pulled in to this church family by your kindness, love, concerted concern. The elders care about continuous spiritual improvement. Members are individually concerned about their spiritual growth and contribution to the Lord’s work. There is a clear feeling that “we can” versus why we can’t.  Christians are moving together in the same direction for His glory!


Paul Ethridge

I am thankful for the Keller church family because they stand for truth as it is stated in scripture.  Every member I know is grounded in faith and unafraid to face adversity when it arises.  I am proud that pure truth is taught in each classroom from KCS to Sunday, Wednesday and from the pulpit.  My brothers and sisters are anxious to speak up in class; excited to share experiences and humble enough to ask for help through the prayer groups.

Many exciting things are in work at the Keller church and I’m thankful so many brethren are willing to step in and work to enhance the spreading of the Good News. 

Thank you Keller church family!

L. B. Holmes

I am thankful for the Keller church family because...l know I will have an easier time on Judgment Day due to the Bible lessons I’ve been privileged to hear and the very special brothers and sisters He has given me to fellowship.

Jesus loves you and so do I.

Sharry Lanier

I am thankful for the church at Keller because I can depend on what is taught here, to be God’s teaching and not that of mankind.  I don’t have to get up each morning and wonder what new thing will be presented in the name of Biblical teaching.  I am thankful for a God-directed path for my feet.

Ole Olsen

I could write a book regarding the Keller body of Christ, and what it means to me personally. Especially as the blowing winds of change are currently  howling within our brotherhood, it is so wonderful to worship with an eldership and minister that continue to uphold the doctrine of Jesus Christ. No compromises from the Word of God! No bending the Word of God, in order to accommodate the current culture as to grow the membership. Only sound teaching from the pulpit of the (1) one church, the essentially of baptism, the weekly observance of the Lords Supper, the dangers of alcohol, the importance of both elders and deacons serving within the body of believers, the scriptural role of women within the worship assembly, not blurring the lines of New Testament Christianity with the other religions of the world, providing lessons regarding the non-authority of instrumental music, teaching the dangers of alcohol, and the possibility of becoming a stumbling block to others.... I could go on forever!

Church division, and dealing with relocating to a faithful congregation, is in some way as traumatic as losing a love one in death. I can attest! After personally being required to leave family and friends [church division is life changing] because of an eldership and  minister that slowly began to condone and teach doctrines of men, the Keller assembly was like coming home again. Coming back to the pure Word of God, and the teachings of Christ and His church!

Once jotted down a quote from a brother in Christ that makes good sense: “It doesn’t make sense to be a member of something religiously, that does not demand scriptural authority for everything we do religiously.”

Cory... Thank you, for being a Friend in Christ, and preaching His Word!


… because I am accepted, warts and all.

Donald and Kathy Scaff

When this family of Christian brothers and sisters are gathered together, the cares of this world are why we are here. To seek out those that are lost in sin, to teach, and reach out to all with spiritual guidance. When I am here, I can feel the spirit of God’s presence upon me.

Deanna Stephenson

I am thankful for the Keller church family because it is a Spirit-filled group of believers who have the common goal of wanting to serve God and one another. Shortly after I began to attend Keller (before placing membership), it seemed that so many people not only knew my name but the names of my children. As a single parent, attending services with three kids under five years of age is not an easy “task”, but I have always felt welcome regardless of how distracting we might be. We receive much help from our own family and our extended Keller family whether here at church during service or any time outside of that. I am thankful for the prayers that I know have been lifted up on our behalf and thankful for the friendships that we have been richly blessed with. I am thankful for our preacher who teaches the truth in love, who knows ALL the members (and most visitors) names and knows how to live the word. So thankful as well for his encouraging, sweet family. I am thankful daily that we have such a place to call “home”.

This is WAY more than a sentence so please feel free not to use. ;-) I’ve always been far too outspoken. :-) 

Of the loving people that are always there to help whatever the case be. I am thankful for them because of their desire to be like Christ and to never back down from their beliefs just because its hard. (You can change the grammar or wording however you like)

… because of the active YOUTH GROUP! (from Michael)

Kathleen Whitson 

....they have always been there in time of need.  On Christmas Day in 1988 at Baylor Dallas, John’s hospital room was filled with members of the Keller Church family.....Christmas Day they drove all the way to Dallas to ensure we were not alone. Through the years John has had numerous hospitalizations and surgeries, including the last in 2010 from a brain bleed, most of them in Dallas.  Always members brought us communion on Sundays, cleaned our house, took care of our lawn, provided food when we returned home and above all else prayed. John’s doctors refer to him as a walking miracle, but he always says his recoveries are the answered prayers of our Christian family in Keller. 


for the continued support we are given! It’s been 20 years and your love has increased! Also thankful for the Eldership who have not strayed off the path and kept us on the biblical road to heaven!

Jim & Elena Parrow

“Elena and I are thankful for the Keller church family because – We have the honor of being led by an exceptional team of Elders who demonstrate their love for the Lord, and His Divine word, binding where the scriptures bind and not doing so where the scriptures are silent, insuring that our preachers and teachers do not add to or take from God’s word. There is nothing more important, in my opinion, than having scripturally qualified Shepherds to watch over and lead the flock while Glorifying God, loving each member, and fulfilling the Great Commission locally and around the world. It is such a comfort to search the scriptures and find confirmation that our worship and works align in every way with the teachings of Jesus and all the inspired writers. We are also blessed to have so many outstanding examples of our Lord and Savior to see, hug, and talk with, every time we assemble.  It is no secret that many Congregations have chosen to follow “Current Trends” in lieu of adhering to God’s word. The Doctrines of men have supplanted the Word of God in far too many churches, around the world, in efforts to please men in lieu of Pleasing Almighty God. We are so thankful that this is not something we need to fear here at Keller. The Faithful, Leadership, Deacons, Ministers, Preachers, Bible School Teachers and our brothers and sisters in Christ simply will not allow that to happen. Praise God for each and every one of you.

Eric Richardson

... we are a solid church intent on following the scriptures.

... we are a magnet to other families seeking a solid church family.

... we have a stable solid eldership.

... we are active in a myriad of ways.

... we have a vibrant, active, growing, caring youth group who’s not afraid to invite their friends.


Melissa Reynolds

… because of their dedication to the truth.  The willingness to stand up for what’s right.

… because of the love shown to all, everyone has a genuine concern for all

… because of the support/encouragement shown to our children (the future church).  I cannot explain what it means to me to watch my children grow spiritually and to see the opportunities they are given to learn to become leaders in the Church and the support given to them as they continue to grow/lead.

… because of the relationships I’ve developed here.  When thoughts of possibly moving to other locations come up (job relocation, retirement, etc) I always come back to the thought that I cannot imagine living anywhere else because I cannot imagine leaving my Keller family.

Cindy Richardson

I have so much to share that I don’t know where to start!

I am thankful because ...

Cory and Tanya and family are wonderful mentors in the Lord and have an out reaching spirit that is infectious in making me want to be that way also!

I am thankful for Linda Payne and the way she stretches me to do the Lords work in going to the Ladies Prison. It has been a journey of overcoming fear and also seeing that when people have nothing left but 4 walls that they have to turn to what really matters, The Lord.

I am thankful for such compassionate supportive brothers and sisters that go above and beyond to comfort in times of struggle and grieving.

I am thankful for all the new families that have come to Keller to work in The Lord and I pray I will be welcoming to them

I am so very thankful for our Elders. Strong, strong men of God that have a tough job in these days to remain true to the word of God in spite of all surroundings.

I am thankful for Wednesday morning ladies class. For the women older than me who are patient loving and kind in their comments allowing me to be open to learning from them.

I am thankful for great attitudes and smiles on faces to encourage all that walk thru the door.

I am thankful for Clarice Langat that allowed me to shadow her as a teacher and then to team teach the 4th grade with her. This built our relationship and also gave me confidence to then team up with Kim Horton and Ella.

I am thankful for Vickie Bonham who because of her real personality and encouragement has grown me as a Wednesday Ladies Bible Class teacher.

I am thankful for all the warriors that are fighting through sickness and maintaining their strength in The Lord. It is beautiful to see them fight with the strength and commitment and not allowing Satan to get a foothold though every day is a new struggle. They are such an encouragement.

I am thankful for committed families that are here with their kids for Sunday morning classes and Wednesday classes. That they know commitment to learning is key to the souls of their children and the future church.

I am thankful for the teachers who put in long hours to make sure the classes are sound and interesting as well. Any Bible class at Keller is never a waste of time. Thank you for that.

I am thankful for the parents of our teenagers. Without strong solid parents we wouldn’t have such a great group of teens

I am thankful for Spencer and family. His upbeat attitude, organization and hard work are refreshing.

From Cory: I am thankful to God to be part of such a blessed and grateful church family!

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Ken D. said...

Since I first met you and Tanya as a young married couple, you have have been great examples of the Christian walk. Through all the places you have served as a minister your zeal and goodness has shown through. It is no surprise you are a blessing wherever you go. May the Lord continue to bless you and spiritually feed you, that you may continue in his service to the benefit of many.